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Here’s a Guide for Homes and Businesses

It might surprise you to learn that the windows of your home have to be maintained. You should perform regular inspections for damage or degradation, and then take the proper steps to replace or repair them. Your windows take a lot of punishment from wind, rain, and snow. Windows that are old or in poor repair can have a huge effect not only on your home but also on your health.

If you own a commercial building, the older the windows are, the more difficult it is to find replacement parts at the right price to do any repairs. Weather plays just as large a part in commercial windows as they do in home windows. Seasonal temperature changes can shrink gaskets and seals, cause warpage, fading, and displacement of frames, and the glass can become scratched, etched, fogged, or clouded.

In both cases–home or business–timely window repair or replacement can save you time and money. In this article, we’ll fill you in on what to look for when you do a window inspection, and whether your should repair or replace. We’ll look at home windows first and then tackle the commercial side.


Getting a Clear View of the Windows of Your Home

We often take windows for granted, but they serve a purpose far beyond allowing you to look out and for light to come in. They keep the weather outside, where it belongs. Having tight windows in good repair is essential to protecting what is likely your largest financial investment.

Not only that, natural lighting makes us more energetic, more positive, and have more mental clarity. The craving for natural light is in our DNA, and without it, some people can actually become depressed–it’s called the winter blues. Windows also provide security from intruders and can provide an aesthetic boost to your home.

There is no doubt windows are important, which is why they deserve to be inspected every six months. If you live in a high-moisture area, it should happen once a month. Here’s what to do, and whether what you find warrants repair or replacement.


If you find these things, your window needs replacement.


  • Look at the interior and exterior for stains, rust, and cracks. Is there discoloration from moisture leaks on the ceiling, walls, sills, or floors?
  • Does the window operate smoothly? If not, first clean the pathway of any debris. If you have to force the window open or closed, you need to replace it.
  • Clean the window and frame. If you find grime, clean it up, but if you see mold, it’s time to replace the window.
  • Do you see any condensation in double-paned windows? That means your window seal is broken.
  • Are your energy bills going up? Drafty windows make it hard to regulate indoor temperature. Replacing windows can reduce your utility bills.

Replacing old windows can increase your home value, and you can recoup about 72% of your investment!

These things mean your windows need repair

Not all window problems mean window replacement. There are a number of things you might find during your inspection that can be repaired.

  • Lock and latches. When you test these, if they don’t work, you’re risking your security–call a window repair specialist.
  • Weather stripping and caulk. You want a tight seal to keep out cold air and drafts. Any portions of ripped weather stripping or missing caulk need repair.
  • Check your weep holes. These are the small holes at the bottom of your window frame that drain the water away from the sill, and if they are clogged, they can rot the frame or cause mold growth. Call a window installer and repairer before the problem gets worse.

In some cases, replacement or repair can be a tough call only a professional can make. This is especially true with wood windows. They can rot or warp with moisture. Look for warped wood, peeling paint, discoloration, and spots. You need to find the root of the problem and then call for repair or replacement.

Commercial Windows: Repair or Replace?

Commercial windows, although they usually have completely different construction than home windows, often suffer from some of the same problems. Here’s when to repair and when to replace.

When to repair commercial windows

Unlike home windows, the options to repair commercial glass are few. Repairs can be made for minor damages like dents, cracks, missing or cracked caulking, etc. As a building manager or owner, you should get these things repaired immediately before they cause more damage.

Keep in mind, though, that the cost of repairs adds up, and may end up costing as much as a replacement window, depending on the type of window, the damage, and the repair required.


When to replace commercial windows

You should replace commercial windows if you see any of these:

  • Fogged glass or leaks
  • Broken seals–this damage is irreversible. Condensation causes seals to expand and contract. Once a seal has dried, it’s lost its integrity
  • Any visible damage like scratched glass, broken frames, and shrinking seals and gaskets

The thermal integrity of your windows also can be compromised if they have a high number of leaks, drafts,

Whether it’s your home or your business, if you notice any window problems, consult an expert window repair and installation company.


When You Need Window Repair or Replacement, There’s Only One Choice

Reasonable Roofing and Contracting offers full-service, expert home renovation and remodeling services to the Southeast MI area and beyond. We offer:

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  • Residential and commercial window replacement
  • Installation of all types of windows, including garden windows, bay windows

Whether you choose wood, metal, or fiberglass, we install and repair it all.

  • We have more than 25 years of experience
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